Symbols and hieroglyphics have been used since 5200 years. At that juncture, the natives didn’t know how to write letters so they made use of pictures and drawings to narrate their stories and to communicate with each other. It is believed that several alphabets are adapted from these ancient symbols. Thus it is evident our association with pictures and our understanding for them.

Human being has discovered graphical illustration of information and this had grown with infographics. And that’s why they can interpret infographics other than contents which are theory based. These days Infographics is gaining popularity in the digital world and it is widely used to illustrate information.

Considerably Infographics has brought about a revolution in the arena of communication. It can be used to express an idea, or any statistics with the help of easy format and depictions. And one can convey different expression through infographics.

Basically, when words are not enough to express an idea and certain situations look inappropriate and passé then infographics comes handy and expressive. Currently, with the increase in the use of internet and the mobile devices, infographics has gained popularity and incorporated while designing a website. Hence it is confirmed that infographics is the best utility tool to convey information on notepads and mobile devices.

Infographics are widely used in Social media sites to share ideas. Many companies are incorporating infographics to promote their website on the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and stumble upon etc. They are eye catching and effective hence various websites are making liberal use of it to give you an idea about their products and provide brief information. In addition it is used in entertainment and spirituality arenas to depict information accordingly.